How To Keep Your Dog/pets Happy:

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Dogs are known to be man’s best friend because of their undying loyalty and the unconditional love that they give to their owners. Dogs create a special bond with their humans that lasts a lifetime. Our job as fur parents is to make them happy and feel loved all the time. In this article we will be talking about things that we can do to make our pets happy. Give them the love and care that they need. A lot of dogs are often left alone while their owners are out working so tendency is they feel sad and lonely. As soon as we get home from work make sure to give them the attention that they need. Spend a few minutes playing with them and giving them love and cuddles. As pet owners it is part of our obligation to feed our pets on a daily basis. Feed them with good grain free dog food in order for them to remain healthy and energetic at all times.

Feed your fur babies with the right amount of grain free puppy food to avoid digestive problems such as bloating. Small breeds should be fed twice to thrice a day and big breeds should be fed once or twice a day. Just read the instructions at the back of the package so you would be guided accordingly in terms of giving your pets the right feeding portion at the right time. Young dogs need more calories and nutrition compared to adult dogs. Bring your pets to the veterinarian for scheduled check ups. Pets are like our children. We take our kids to the pediatrician and we should take our fur babies to the veterinarian for check ups and shots. Our dogs should be vaccinated with anti rabies as well. Make sure that you keep their medical records for their vaccines to keep them away from illness. Basically it’s like taking care of your children the only difference is that your pets can’t really talk and tell you that they are not feeling well and you often would have to rely on their body language and behavior to determine if they are not feeling well.

Teach your dogs obedience at an early age. Dogs have a different intelligence as compared to us human beings but they are very smart in their own way. You have to be patient in teaching them with basic obedience to provide structure in their daily lives. Loving your dog does not stop with just cuddling, playing and feeding them it is also important to teach them discipline and obedience so they can be accepted and interact with other people without any fear. A lot of dogs who have not been trained often end up being neglected, tied in the corner or surrendered in the shelter because their owners cannot discipline them and we don’t want that to happen to our furbabies.