How Is Hip Replacement Surgery Performed?

The hip replacement surgery as the name represent is the replacement of the hip joint with the artificially designed one. These artificial joints are developed using the metals, plastics and the ceramics as well. Either one of these could be inserted in the patient based on the patient choice and the recommendation of the doctor. These artificial joints have the names of the implant or the prosthesis. These surgeries are the solution for the severe hip pain problems.  

What are the risks involved in this? 

If you ae going for the hip replacement surgery in Sydney then you must be mentally prepared for all the complications involve in this as well. However, having the good doctor or the surgeon could help you reduce these risks and the complications but even then, it cannot be guaranteed that all of these are completely eliminated, therefore, it is better to know these in advance.  

Clots of the blood: 

After the surgery, it is possible that you suffer from the clots and these could prove to very dangerous as these can travel in your veins and could reach any part of your body including the heart, lungs and brains as well. However, once it has been formed it is difficult to treat it but in order to avoid these before hand the hip surgeon in Sydney who perform the surgeries give the patient the blood thinning medicines to avoid the risk.  


One of the very dangerous risk is the deep infection which could prevail in the tissues surrounding the hip and sometimes the infections are just caught and diagnosed in the beginning and are treated with the medicines but in some cases, when the infection becomes deep then another surgery is required to remove the infected tissues.  


Since new joint is inserted and the natural one is removed then the tissues and the small bones attached to these are fractured in the process. Many of the time, these fractures heal with the time and adjust themselves with the new hip but in some cases, these are handled with the use of the bone grafts or even the metal plating. 


Since the artificial joint is not stable when it is inserted, although the doctors add the braces to keep it in one position unless it is adjusted but even then there may be a possibility that it gets dislocated due to the certain movement and then the doctors need to again put it in the right location. Therefore, it is very much important that you do not move in the particular positions from which your doctor has stopped you from in the first few months of the surgery.